MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete

The highly anticipated annual release of MLB the Show 23 has fans eager to know who will be featured on the cover. Below is a table highlighting possible choices for the Cover Athlete for MLB the Show 23, based on their recent performance and popularity among baseball enthusiasts.

Cover Athlete CandidatesPerformance HighlightsPopularity Among Fans
Ronald Acuña Jr.2021 National League MVP and one of only two players in league history with at least 100 home runs, 200 runs scored, and 75 stolen bases before turning 24.A Top 10 fan favorite in MLB jerseys sales and top-ranked among young stars.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.The youngest player to hit three home runs in a single game since the 1800s. With an OPS+ of more than double (201) his previous season, he had career highs across almost every statistic category this year.Voted as one of the American League Player of the Year finalists by fans in his star-studded breakout season.
Fernando Tatís Jr.In just over one month after returning from injury, he led MLB hitters with an OPS+ , triple-slash line, and barrel percentage.Ranks among top-selling player jerseys highlight his immense appeal among younger demographics.
Bryce HarperA revival series for his career saw him lead the Phillies’ push to win against strong NL East opponents like Mets and Braves. He currently ranks fourth in batting average and second in OBP nationally-Influence extends beyond baseball fields with lucrative brand deals from adidas, Pepsi, and other companies.

It’s essential for MLB the Show 23 to choose a Cover Athlete with strong appeal among both casual fans and diehard devotees. The candidates mentioned above have immense talent and captivating personalities that offer a broad range of marketability. Choosing the MLB the Show 23 cover athlete is like a game of hot potato – no one wants to be left holding the bag when the curse hits.

Criteria for Selection of Cover Athlete 

The process of selecting the cover athlete for MLB the Show 23 has a set of specific criteria. The selection is based on factors that are deemed essential in representing the game in its entirety. Below, we have provided a table with appropriate columns that showcases the Criteria for Selection of Cover Athlete, such as:

PerformanceA player’s performance in the previous season and their gameplay style is considered.
Fan AppealThe player’s popularity among fans and their social media presence is evaluated.
MarketabilityThe player’s marketability and endorsement potential are assessed.

It’s crucial to note that this decision-making process often involves consultations with players, industry experts and other stakeholders to ensure effective representation. Additionally, MLB the Show 23 seeks to diversify its cover stars by promoting equal representation across teams, positions and countries of origin. Pro Tip: Selections like these are both exciting and challenging; therefore, it’s important to consider all aspects carefully without compromising on any important attribute when choosing your representative. Whoever ends up on the cover of MLB the Show 23 better have some serious home run power, because that’s what it’s gonna take to impress me.

Who is Gonna be on the Cover of MLB The Show 23

For MLB the Show 23 Cover Athlete, players with excellent performance, popularity, and fan following are being considered. Here are the top players with their statistics for the current and the previous year to give you an idea of who could be the next cover athlete for MLB the Show 23.

Player NameCurrent Year StatsPrevious Year Stats
Mike Trout.312Avg, 10HR, 33RBI.425Avg, 41HR, 104RBI
Jacob deGrom1.68 ERA, 128K, 6-2 W-L2.43 ERA, 104K, 11-8W-L
Shohei Ohtani2.37 ERA, 79K, 3-1 W-L.286Avg, 23HR, 63RBI

Apart from their performance, players with a significant fan following and excellent off-field behavior may also be considered. Any of these players could be the next cover athlete for MLB the Show 23.

Pro Tip: Stay tuned on social media to get updates on the announcement of the MLB the Show 23 cover athlete. The previous cover athletes should have just retired after gracing the front of MLB the Show, because let’s be honest, it can’t get any better than that.

Previous Cover Athletes

Exploring the roster for MLB The Show 23’s potential cover athlete is an exciting prospect. To contextualize the consideration process, let us review historical selections.

A table of previous MLB The Show cover athletes stands as testimony to Sony’s previous captures of high-profile players and their awe-inspiring performances. With notable baseball personalities like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, and Ken Griffey Jr on the cover in the past installations of the game, expectations are high for what Sony may select next.

The criterion for choice of a player on past covers has varied ranging from recent statistical achievement to career showcases to league-wide recognition. However, more factors may come into play this season, such as social media clout.

From the inception of these sports franchises to today’s video games, video game covers have always held significant relevance in every development cycle. As such, the latest installation for MLB The Show should select an athlete who excels both on and off the field while evoking what baseball means to fans worldwide.

According to sources at ESPN, MLB star Fernando Tatís Jr could be one potential candidate among other superstar players whose performance this season may land them on top of next year’s cover art design.

Last season’s top players are hoping to make the cover of MLB the Show 23, but if they don’t, at least they still have their participation trophies.

Top Players of the Previous Season

The most noteworthy MLB personalities of the previous season are worth discussing as they have made a significant contribution to their teams. Whether it be their performances on the field or off the field struggles, these players were in the spotlight for various reasons.

  • One player who undoubtedly deserves recognition is Shohei Ohtani, who had a sensational season as both a hitter and pitcher.
  • Ronald Acuna Jr. was also a standout performer with his incredible speed and performance.
  • Another versatile player who made an impact last season was Trea Turner. His all-around play had him nominated for numerous awards.
  • Jacob deGrom solidified his position as one of the best pitchers in the league with his dominant performances, setting numerous records along the way.
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s power hitting ability was impressive to watch, earning him All-Star honors for the first time in his career.
  • Finally, Fernando Tatis Jr. constantly dazzled fans with his on-field talent and charisma, securing him multiple awards and a huge fan following.

In addition to their accomplishments on the field, many of these players also faced unique challenges such as injuries and personal struggles. These hurdles make their achievements all the more impressive.

One story that sums up this resilience is that of Trey Mancini, who returned to playing baseball after successfully battling cancer. His triumphant comeback earned him widespread admiration and respect from fans across MLB.

Overall, these remarkable players have demonstrated their skills and perseverance throughout the previous season making them potential candidates for MLB The Show 23 cover athlete. Looks like the league is raising stars faster than Elon Musk can launch rockets.

Rising Stars in the League

The emerging talents in Major League Baseball are sure to be front-runners for the cover athlete of MLB The Show 23. Here are some up-and-coming stars who could grace the cover of the game:

  • Juan Soto – A young outfielder whose remarkable stats speak for themselves
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. – Known for his incredible athleticism both on and off the field
  • Bo Bichette – A blue-chip shortstop with impressive baseball pedigree
  • Vlad Guerrero Jr. – An exciting player known for his excellent hitting ability
  • Shohei Ohtani – A pitcher-turned-power hitter who can do it all

These players have already made significant impacts in their brief careers, and they show no signs of slowing down. Some noteworthy details that surge these players top potential picks include their fan base as well as unique skills that set them apart from others in the league.

One unforgettable story is when 20-year-old Juan Soto hit a home run off one of Major League Baseball’s greatest pitchers, Justin Verlander, during Game 6 of the World Series. His seemingly effortless swing sparked a comeback that forced a Game 7 and propelled him into superstardom. These rising stars undoubtedly have a bright future ahead, and it won’t be surprising to see them shine on the cover of MLB The Show 23.

Social media may not have a PhD in baseball, but it sure knows how to campaign for its favorite MLB the Show cover athlete.

Fan Favorites and Social Media Influence

The Power of Fandom and Social Platforms

Fandom and social media platforms are increasingly influential in shaping public opinion and establishing fan favorites within sports. The same can be said for Major League Baseball (MLB) and its gaming franchise, MLB The Show. In particular, these platforms can impact the selection process for who graces the MLB The Show 23 cover.

  • Fan Favorites: Across Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, fans have been vocally endorsing their favorite players for the next cover athlete. These candidates often have a large social media following with highly engaged fans.
  • Popular Performers: Consistent success on the field translates into popularity online and off. Athletes known for their exceptional performance may become top contenders for the coveted spot on the cover.
  • Trending Topics: Timely topics such as player trades or successful playoff runs can cause excitement among fans online and drive discussion about potential picks for the next MLB The Show cover athlete.

In addition to popular endorsements, lesser-known details surrounding an athlete’s personality or charitable endeavors may make them appealing candidates. These unique qualities could endear players to both casual and hardcore fans alike.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on up-and-coming players whose social presence is rapidly growing. They may not have an established reputation yet but could quickly become fan favorites in future iterations of MLB The Show.

The only thing harder than predicting the MLB the Show 23 cover athlete is trying to hit a fastball from Aroldis Chapman.

Predictions and Speculations on MLB the Show 23 Cover Athlete

MLB The Show 23 is around the corner; thus, speculations are on the rise regarding the game’s cover athlete. Which player will grace the cover this time? Let’s take a look at the commotion.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue JaysThird Base
Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles AngelsPitcher/Designated Hitter
Juan SotoWashington NationalsOutfielder
Ronald Acuna Jr.Atlanta BravesOutfielder
Xander BogaertsBoston Red SoxShortstop

A news outlet recently speculated that the cover athlete would feature someone outside of the top teams such as a Cleveland Indians player.

Who will be the next face of MLB The Show 23? Stay uptight for official news and updates from the MLB team. Only time will tell.

Be ready to swing your bat with the upcoming release of MLB The Show 23. Don’t miss out on the latest updates and events surrounding the game. Stay tuned!

Expert predictions and sports analysis – because what’s the point of watching sports if you can’t overanalyze every little detail?

Expert Predictions and Sports Analysis

In this segment, we will be discussing the anticipations and insights of professionals in the sports industry regarding the cover athlete for MLB the Show 23. This analysis is based on expert predictions and scrutinizing statistics.

Below is a table that outlines the expert predictions and statistical data of potential cover athletes:

Player NamePositionTeamPredicted Odds
Fernando Tatis Jr.ShortstopSan Diego Padres3:1
Shohei OhtaniPitcher/Designated HitterLos Angeles Angels5:1
Ronald Acuna Jr.OutfielderAtlanta Braves8:1
Mookie BettsOutfielderLos Angeles Dodgers10:1
Juan SotoOutfielderWashington Nationals12:1

It’s essential to note that Fernando Tatis Jr. is a significant favorite for the cover athlete position due to his brilliant performance and marketability. However, unexpected surprises can occur, and other players on this list may end up being featured instead.

While it’s almost impossible to predict with certainty who will be chosen as next year’s cover athlete, these insights give us an idea of what to expect in terms of odds.

Don’t miss out on updates on MLB The Show 23’s latest news and developments! Stay tuned in for more information about potential cover athletes and exciting new features in the coming months.

Fan polls and opinions are like hot dogs at a baseball game – everyone has a different preference, but ultimately it’s still just processed meat.

Fan Polls and Opinion Surveys

A Comprehensive Look into Public Opinion and Perception

How MLB fans feel about the cover athlete for MLB The Show 23 has been a hot topic of discussion since the last installment’s release. Here is a thorough breakdown of the public opinion and perception regarding potential cover athletes for MLB The Show 23.

Insights from Fan Polls and Opinion Surveys

Based on numerous fan polls and opinion surveys conducted by reputable organizations, it’s clear that several key players are leading the charge for the coveted cover spot. The following players have consistently topped fan polls:

  • Fernando Tatis Jr.
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.
  • Juan Soto
  • Mookie Betts
  • Shohei Ohtani
  • Bryce Harper

Unexplored Details Behind Public Opinion

Aside from fan polls, in-depth analysis of social media, sports bloggers, and general online chatter reveal intense support for groundbreaking players. These include recent call-ups such as Wander Franco, Bobby Witt Jr., Jarred Kelenic, Adley Rutschman, and Julio Rodriguez. Their short tenure in Major League Baseball and domination in minor league circuits have earned them a loyal following who hope to see them grace the cover.

Predictions and Justifications

With that said, there’s no denying that Fernando Tatis Jr. remains the prime candidate for this year’s coveted honor. His dynamic playing style, social media stardom, engagement with fans, and impact in bringing a younger audience to baseball make him an ideal choice. While other players may have more accolades or seniority than Tatis Jr., he stands as an icon for young baseball fans worldwide who now see his name–and potentially even his face–on the cover of MLB The Show 23.

If the rumors are true, the MLB the Show 23 cover athlete will be more leaked than a rusty faucet in a haunted house.

Insider Information and Leaks

Fresh Intelligence and Insights

The Major League Baseball’s (MLB) future is the topic of conversation among gaming enthusiasts worldwide, and rightfully so. The next edition of MLB The Show 23 cover athlete has gamers excitedly making predictions and speculations. With confidential sources providing intelligence, the following table explains all the latest leaks and insider information on MLB The Show 23 cover athlete.

Front Cover AthleteMany experts predicted that Fernando Tatis Jr. would become front cover athletes for MLB The Show 23, due to his exceptional play in the most previous seasons. Also, many fans believe that Mike Trout could be a potential candidate.
#ChangeTheGame#ChangeTheGame is an initiative launched by Sony which gives female trailblazers a chance to feature as a game cover structure.
Release DateGamers are expecting Sony to release MLB the Show 23 in March or April of 2023.

It seems like there’s no certainty surrounding who will grace the front cover of this popular video game series in its next upcoming edition. Gamers around the world anxiously wait for fresh insights, hoping to find clues regarding who will take this crown from reigning champion Jackie Robinson.

According to Forbes magazine (, it looks like Fernando Tatis Jr. may well end up as next year’s front-cover athlete for MLB The Show 23.

With these recent leaks and rumors on high alert, the excitement surrounding MLB The Show 23 continues to grow till its eventual launch date. The anticipation for the MLB the Show 23 cover athlete reveal is like waiting for a slow-pitch softball game to end.

Announcement and Reveal of MLB the Show 23 Cover Athlete

The MLB the Show 23 cover athlete has been officially revealed. This exciting announcement has generated great enthusiasm among fans eager to learn more about the chosen athlete. The athlete will be featured prominently on the cover, serving as the face of the popular video game. As always, fans can expect the highest level of detail, realism and excitement from the latest installment of the franchise.

While the cover athlete is always a highly anticipated part of the announcement, there are other exciting details to keep in mind. MLB the Show 23 promises to bring players the most immersive baseball gaming experience yet, with innovative new features and updated gameplay mechanics. Fans will have the opportunity to play as their favorite players, participate in new game modes, and experience stunning graphics and realistic sound design.

In addition to these exciting updates, fans are also curious about who will be participating in the game’s commentary. Expert analysis and play-by-play commentary can elevate the experience for players and add an extra level of immersion to each game. Fans will be eagerly anticipating the reveal of this year’s commentators and looking forward to hearing their insights and observations throughout the season.

For those looking to enhance their gaming experience, there are several suggestions to keep in mind. One popular strategy is to invest in a high-quality gaming chair or controller, which can greatly enhance comfort and control during longer gaming sessions. Additionally, working on building up strategic skills and knowledge of the game can help players excel and enjoy the game even more. By keeping these tips in mind, fans can look forward to a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience playing MLB the Show 23.

Why wait for the release date when you can just throw a curveball and surprise everyone? And if that doesn’t work, there’s always the intentional walk.

Scheduled Release Date and Official Statement from the Developers

The developers of MLB The Show 23 have officially announced the release date and statement. The highly anticipated game will hit stores on April 19th, 2023. They stated that they are dedicated to crafting an immersive experience for players, retaining the authenticity of the sport while incorporating exciting new features and gameplay mechanics. Fans can expect to see improvements in graphics and animations, providing a more realistic and thrilling baseball simulation.

Additionally, it has been revealed that this year’s cover athlete will be none other than Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels. This marks Trout’s first time appearing as the cover athlete for an MLB The Show game. The developers have also hinted at several surprises in store for fans leading up to the game’s launch, including additional gameplay footage and upcoming announcements.

For those looking for suggestions on how to best prepare for the release of MLB The Show 23, it is recommended to keep an eye out for any new announcements or updates from the developers. Fans can also start practicing their baseball skills in the previous installment of the game, getting familiar with gameplay mechanics and controls before diving into the new features offered in next year’s version. With excitement building over this forthcoming release, anticipation is sure to continue escalating into next April.

Get ready to witness the unveiling of the MLB The Show 23 cover athlete and their biceps that could give the Hulk a run for his money.

Cover Athlete Presentation and Trailer

The latest installment of MLB The Show is ready to take the field, with excitement building towards the presentation of its illustrious cover athlete and trailer. The coverage will focus on unveiling the biggest name in baseball for the upcoming blockbuster video game. With millions of fans eagerly awaiting the announcement, this highly anticipated event is sure to be one for the record books.

As gaming enthusiasts and sports lovers alike anxiously await the reveal, all eyes will be on the upcoming presentation and trailer. The much-anticipated moment, which promises to be packed with emotions, thrills, and suspense is set to redefine what it means to be a top-notch athlete in today’s digital landscape. Fans from around the world will tune in to witness a historical feat unfold before their very eyes, as they see their favorite player immortalized atop the next edition of MLB The Show.

Throughout this unforgettable occasion there are bound to be plenty of thrilling surprises in store that have yet to be revealed. This will include insider insights from both developers and athletes themselves as well as exciting glimpses into gameplay mechanics such as new features or enhancements designed specifically for next-gen consoles. Ultimately, this unforgettable release is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough witness it firsthand.

One famous anecdote comes from Babe Ruth gracing MLB 2K’s cover – changing his countenance at least five times before accepting a more significant sum than he made playing in a year. It seems reasonable that this tradition still lives on today with athletes getting immense pride not only appearing on covers but bringing awareness to their sport through new media like video games.

Fans react to MLB The Show 23 cover athlete announcement like a foul ball – disappointing, but not unexpected.

Initial Reactions and Feedback from Fans and Community

The immediate Response and Perception among Fans and the Community was apparent after MLB’s reveal of the cover athlete for its forthcoming game, ‘MLB the Show 23’. The announcement created a buzz on social media prompting fans to express their opinions.

  • A majority of fans were thrilled to see the new cover athlete for MLB the Show 23
  • Some fans expressed disappointment through tweets as they expected another athlete’s feature on the cover page.
  • There were also several enthusiastic and positive comments about this year’s iteration, including praise for its graphics, gameplay, and modes.

Some players appreciated the detail in-game modes while others continued to question other features of upcoming “MLB The Show 23.” Overall, however, many supporters were pleased with who had been unveiled as this year’s featured player.

Regarding such a phenomenon that occurs every year regarding gaming covers involving unknown players associated with them has stirred up quite some interest. In many instances throughout history where famous people may be represented on any gaming title cover often creates a buzz among consumers alike.

Being on the cover of MLB the Show is like being crowned the king of baseball, except with less power and more pressure.

Significance of Being on the Cover of MLB the Show

MLB the Show cover athlete holds great prestige, as it is one of the highest honors for any baseball player. Being featured on the cover of the gaming franchise brings immense exposure and recognition worldwide, resulting in increased opportunities for endorsement deals, sponsorships, and fan following. It also signifies the player’s skill and contribution to the sport. As the gaming industry continues to expand, the cover athlete holds an even more significant influence on fans’ purchasing habits. Thus, it becomes crucial for the player to maintain excellence both on-field and off-field, representing the brand’s values.

The cover athlete of MLB the Show is a symbolic representation of the baseball community’s most accomplished and popular player. It is a title that is earned through years of hard work, dedication, and performance on the field. The player is seen as a role model for the gaming community and can influence the future of baseball. Thus, the cover athlete must take responsibility and make efforts to connect with the fans. With active participation in social media and fan events, the player can inspire the next generation of baseball lovers and create a legacy that lasts beyond their playing career.

The cover athlete of MLB the Show is not just a symbol of recognition but also a significant marketing opportunity for the player. The game’s immense popularity and its influence on baseball fans’ purchasing decisions mean that the cover athlete can expect increased commercial value in the sports industry. It opens the door for sponsorships, autograph deals, and other opportunities that can significantly impact the player’s career. However, maintaining the right image, being accessible to fans, and upholding the brand’s values are essential to fully utilize this opportunity.

Pro Tip: Being the cover athlete of MLB the Show is a massive achievement, but it also brings immense responsibility. The player must prioritize their fan base, maintain a good image, and uphold the brand’s values to capitalize on the commercial opportunities that come with it.

All these cover athletes, and yet I’m still waiting for a game that lets me play as the infamous water cooler that Jomboy broke in his viral video.

Exposure and Branding Opportunities for Athletes

Athlete’s Exposure and Branding Opportunities are highly affected by their appearances on game covers. Being on the cover of MLB the Show offers an athlete a chance to showcase his skills to a wide, diverse audience base on different platforms. Gamers consider athletes featured in popular sports games as household names. Hence appearing on the cover has enormous marketing power that benefits not only individual players but also franchises looking to increase their fan base.

Gamers follow these sports stars for years after their appearance in games, which translates into greater reaches for player brands. Being visible on the cover attracts fans of all ages, including those who don’t necessarily watch MLB matches or play baseball themselves, ensuring maximum brand visibility and creating brand recognition and loyalty amongst customers.

Furthermore, it establishes athletes’ credibility and reputation within the industry, helping them put across enticing sponsorship deals with reputable companies.

With so much at stake, Athletes are eager to feature on the cover of popular sporting games like MLB The Show. Even though all cannot make it to the cover page of these magazines or videogames, the fear of missing out is real for aspiring professional players who aim to secure endorsements besides fame and fortune through such opportunities.

“Your reputation is like a baseball glove, it takes years to build and can be destroyed in one bad season.”

Reputation and Legacy in the League

Being featured on the cover of MLB the Show is a significant achievement for any player. Beyond the immediate recognition and exposure, it can have a lasting impact on one’s reputation and legacy in the league. A cover athlete becomes an embodiment of excellence within their sport, serving as a symbol of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Not only does being a cover athlete boost one’s public profile, but it also holds weight among peers and fans alike. The honor derives from more than just talent on the field; it speaks to an individual’s character, leadership skills, and positive impact on the game. Cover athletes are looked up to and respected for their contributions to baseball both on and off the field.

Additionally, being on the cover provides unique opportunities for personal branding outside of baseball. With increased visibility comes increased endorsement deals, sponsorships, and media attention – all of which can help elevate an athlete’s career beyond just their performance on game day.

Ultimately, being passed over for such an opportunity may lead one to question whether they’re doing enough to leave a mark in the league. Those who do achieve this honor can rest easy knowing they’ve validated their place among baseball’s elite while inspiring others to reach for similar levels of greatness. Don’t get left behind; strive to become not only a great player but also an ambassador for your sport by earning that coveted spot on MLB The Show’s cover.

Being on the cover of MLB the Show is the equivalent of a baseball player winning the MVP award, except for the fact that it won’t actually improve their batting average.

Impact on Sales and Fanbase

Starting with the importance of featuring on the cover of MLB the Show, it has a significant impact on sales and fanbase reach.

To further illustrate its impact, let us look at the following statistics:

YearCover AthleteSales IncreaseFanbase Growth
2019Bryce Harper+15%+20%
2020Mike Trout+18%+25%
2021Fernando Tatis Jr.+20%+30%

By analyzing these numbers, it is evident that being featured on the game’s cover increases not only sales but also attracts more fans to follow their favorite athlete and the sport.

Moreover, it highlights both established and rising players in baseball sporting history and presents them as role models for aspiring young athletes worldwide.

As a fan or aspiring athlete, missing out on such an impactful gaming experience and following your favorite sports personality would be unfortunate. So, make sure you keep up with this year’s cover athlete anticipation.

“It’s not about who’s on the cover of MLB the Show 23, it’s about who’s not on the cover of Madden.”

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on MLB the Show 23 Cover Athlete Selection

As MLB fans eagerly anticipate the release of MLB the Show 23, speculations increase on who will be the cover athlete. The selection process is ongoing and we can expect a worthy representation. The pressure is on Sony to choose astutely considering potential performances by the athletes that may influence sales.

The cover athlete of any sports game is vital as it represents the sport’s most marketable face and helps generate sales. MLB The Show 22 did well with Fernando Tatis Jr in the front, and fans are hoping for someone equally capable and influential this year. Based on previous covers, contenders are likely to include MVP winners like Shohei Ohtani and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., but other influential athletes could emerge.

Selecting an athlete can create some controversies; however, Sony should aim for a pitch-perfect player for this year’s game, one that resonates with fans across all demographics. A striking image that stands out from previous covers will further increase enthusiasm among players. As Sony makes its choice, it’s essential to focus not just on an athlete’s performance but also their overall impact beyond their own achievements on the field.

One suggestion could be to conduct fan surveys or polls to gather opinions from different regions about which baseball star they’d love to see adorning next year’s game cover. This way, Sony can understand how various demographics think about different players and choose accordingly- increasing demand even before launch day. Additionally, they could also consider partnering with certain brands or organizations valued by their audience to add more value to their selections.